At Atlanta Plumber Experts, we can install, repair, and service all types and models of water heaters. If you’re thinking about replacing your water heater, there are several factors you have to keep in mind while purchasing a new one. These include capacity, brand, efficiency, and cost.

Water heaters are arguably the largest consumers of energy in most homes. It’s important to think about the impact a water heater can have on your monthly electric bill. New models can help you save on energy. We are comfortable handling all types of water heaters including heat pump, electric, tankless, and high efficiency gas units.

Water Heater Repair Service Installation

When you purchase a new water heater, we’ll add a few extras:

  •  New brass ball valve
  •  New expansion tank (we recommend against re-using an old one)
  •  Gas flex lines designed to last longer

Don’t Do it Over the Phone

Calling over the phone and asking about water heater prices might seem convenient, but it’s not the best strategy. Agents are often tempted to give unrealistically low prices over the phone. When you end up moving forward with the purchase, you’ll be surprised by the actual price. This is particularly true if you have uncommon requirements.

Our guarantee at Atlanta Plumber Experts is that you’ll get a free and accurate estimate of the price of a new water heater. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and we’ll give you a breakdown of the cost so you know why you’re paying a certain sum. Our prices are competitive and backed with the best workmanship and warranties in the great city of Atlanta.

Water Heater Repair Service Installation

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Ask about Atlanta Plumber Experts’ 6 and 10 year warranties.

Yearly Water Heater Draining and Flushing: Thanks to our maintenance agreement, your water tank will last much longer. We can drain and flush your tank on a yearly basis as well as inspect your entire house’s plumbing. Just ask about our maintenance agreement.

Water Heater Repair Service Installation

Atlanta Water Heater Repair Service & Installation

Selecting a Storage Water Heater: What to Consider

  •  Capacity: It makes sense to not buy a water heater with a capacity smaller than your needs, but it’s also a bad idea to get one that exceeds them. Keep the first hour rating (FHR) in mind when buying a water heater as it is usually more important than the capacity. The FHR is how much hot water your heater can deliver in an hour. We can help you find the best water heater for your requirements.
  •  Efficiency and Energy Factor: For higher efficiency, you’ll want a high energy factor. The highest efficiency models have an energy factor of about 0.8, but you don’t always need to go that high.
  •  Foam Insulation: Foam insulation of at least 1.5 inches is what we recommend here at Atlanta Plumber Experts
  •  Cost: When considering cost, focus on the long run rather than short term. Cheaper water heaters will add to your monthly energy bill and aren’t considered a good investment